Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Salam to all,
2002...my eldest daughter (Yaqeen) came back from school: "Mama, I want to go to tahfiz school". My mind went blank: "Are you sure.???" We decided to seek for advice. That was how we got to know Tuan Guru (TG)...
2003...we went to Kelantan to meet TG in person. At first I thought it must be very difficult to see him...setting up an appointment, etc. But when we arrived at his house (we were still in our car - still haven't decide yet whether to get out or not)...there he was walking alone towards his house wearing "baju melayu" & "kain pelekat" (he just came back from "kenduri kahwin"). I said: "Abang, Tuan Guru!". My husband quickly went out from the car to greet him. A few minutes later, my hub came back: TG wanted to see me & kids as well.
After some discussions (and also giving us some advice), I asked him to make dua' & "air penawar" for my kids. His reply: "Dua' yang paling diterima Allah ialah dua' seorang ibu untuk anak2nya" but if I insist, he will do it.

Through the years I always remember all his advice to me and try my best to follow them. Now my daughters have grown up: both in Egypt, i.e., Yaqeen: Medicine (Univ. of Mansoura) & Na'im: Syariah (Univ. Al-Azhar, Cairo).
Picture above: TG on the whiteboard in my office. I put it there since I moved in this room as a "motivator":  "And those who strive for Us, We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed Allah is with the doers of good" (Quran 29: 69). Tqvm TG for everything. You are very dear to my heart. May Allah gives you His rahmah and reward you with Jannah. Ameen...

"WE LOVE U, TG !!!"

From your right: Yaqeen, my hub (Wan Zamdan), 'Umar & Na'im

Note: Terima kasih diucapkan kepada PM YAB DS Najib kerana sudi melawat TG semasa beliau di HUSM & menziarah jenazah beliau.

* I also apply the Quran 29:69... (allow me to translate it in Malay language): "Dan orang2 yang berjihad untuk (mencari keredhaan) Kami, Kami pasti tunjukkan kepada mereka jalan2 Kami. Dan sesungguhnya Allah beserta orang2 yang berbuat baik"... as a "motivator" when facing difficulties ("ujian") in life...

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